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The gift of clean water may not seem like much but it changes lives, families, and entire communities forever. Your gift today will allow the people in these communities the ability to thrive in all aspects of life because they now have clean, reliable water.

How many lives can you impact today?


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At, we find that the more opportunities you have to give, the bigger the impact we can all have on our mission of ending the clean water crisis. Choose to give a donation directly or start a fundraiser and build an entire water well with the help of your friends and family impacting hundreds! Got spare change or want your company to get more involved? Choose which option best fits for you!

Start a Fundraiser

We believe clean water is not only the essence of life but a basic human right. Build your very own water well for a poverty-stricken community and provide hope for the people of today and future generations.

Donate to a Campaign

You don't have to start a well from scratch. There are dozens of campaigns that have already been started and are so close to being fully funded. Click below and help finish the process that has already begun. ​

Become a Corporate Partner

Do you see the difference is making and want your company to be apart? Join dozens of other businesses all over the world that are taking the next step in their generous journey and partner with us. ​

Spare Some Change

ChangeBowl rounds up your debit or credit card purchases to the nearest dollar and allows you to donate the difference to the cause(s) of your choice. Donate your spare change from everyday purchases by rounding up each amount to the next dollar, automatically or on-demand.

Give with confidence is not only committed to ending the global water crisis, but also committed to our supporters by showing where each and every dollar goes. If you want any more questions answered, email us at [email protected] shows proof of every project we complete as well as financials every year in our Form 990. We are also trusted with the Gold Star as given to us by Charity Navigator which shows we are committed to transparency. 

Providing a clean, sustainable water source helps communities survive, but we want to move past survival and live by the principal of “teaching a man to fish.”

One of our main goals is to end charities and we do that by supplying communities in these impoverished nations with the knowledge of how to thrive in all areas of life, such as education, medical resources, and give them the skillset to develop their own sustainable economy. And by doing that, they can in turn teach their surrounding communities to do the same.

But none of those opportunities can take place until safe, clean, and sustainable water resources are properly put into place.  

To date, we have drilled hundreds of water wells in various locations all over the world and you can see some of the areas we work most by going to the “Our Work” page.  

As of 2020, 844 million people still lack clean water... let's change that.



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