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Since 2008, has been able to reach hundreds of thousands of people by providing clean, safe, and sustainable water,


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Join with us today. Every penny helps.’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty, restore dignity, and inspire dreams. Currently, 785 million people lack access to basic drinking water services. We work with in-country partners to build sustainable clean and safe water projects, the first step to breaking the cycle of poverty.

This is the foundation of multiple initiatives. When you give today, your donation will impact communities around the world in the areas of not only Water & Sanitation, but also Education, Medical Aid, Mentorship, Family Support, Economic Development, Legal Assistance, and Disaster Relief.


The idea of “charity” has existed for centuries; it’s the idea of giving someone a fish. But as the saying goes, that only feeds them for a day. 

By empowering and equipping individuals through the spirit of generosity, we help them become self-sufficient and inspire in them the same spirit of helping their neighbor; ultimately paying it forward.

We believe that generosity changes people, and changes the world. 

Our goal is to move from a place where communities rely upon us, to a place where communities utilize the tools we provide to become proud and progressive stewards of their own destiny.

Our dream is to make our role obsolete. That’s how we change the world.

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Water Facts and statistics

  • 1.8 billion people currently use a source of drinking water contaminated by feces.
  • 161 million children worldwide do not attend primary school.
  • 2.7 million newborns worldwide die within their first month of life.
  • Every day about 22,000 children die because of conditions due to poverty.
  • Out of all the undernourished people throughout the world, 98 percent are those living in developing countries.
  • On a global scale, anyone who makes more than $34,000 annually is among the richest one percent in the world.
  • More than 700 million people, or 10% of the world population, still live in extreme poverty.

It’s time to break the cycle of poverty, restore dignity, and inspire dreams. Join the movement of Generosity Today.

How To End The Clean Water Crisis

In order for to continue to save and change lives for tomorrow, we need consistent support from amazing people like you today.

A one time gift will support someone today, but a recurring gift will deliver a lasting impact that will continue for a lifetime!

All donations are 100% tax deductible and go towards the mission of to end the world water crisis and so much more.

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As a land-locked country with vast lakes, rivers and wetlands, Uganda’s water supply is under the constant threat of climate change and poor water management practices. Without change, it is expected that the current water crisis will continue to worsen, and the number of people without access to clean and safe water will increase.

After decades of civil war and economic catastrophe, a 1980 democratic government reform put Uganda on track to becoming a peaceful and stable state. Despite growth, much of the country still lives in extreme poverty with violence brewing in some regions between government forces and brutal rebel groups.

The government has made significant progress in providing sustainable water and sanitation solutions since 1998, with water reform projects that have received international praise. The improvements are not coming quickly enough however, as 28% of the population still lacks access to safe water, and 48% of the large population has access to sanitation. The project you’ve sponsored helps meet this dire need for clean and safe drinking water.

Atopi: Northern Region of Uganda

Prior to the water project, the Atopi community collected water from a deep borehole at the prison facility located approximately half a mile away. Because the borehole was shared by a number of different communities as well as the prison facility, women and children would often spend hours waiting in line to collect water. Moreover, fighting would often break out over disagreements of whose turn it was. As a result, much time and stress was associated with the daily water collection trip.

Project Description

Our on the ground team’s activities in Atopi were focused around the repair of an older and broken borehole. The team coordinated closely with the District Water Depart- ment to select a community with a borehole in need of major repairs and would meet the community’s needs upon completion of the rehabilitation. In addition, to ensure future sustainability of the borehole, our team facilitated the formation of a Water User Committee (WUC), comprised of three women and four men in the community.

The Future of Atopi

The sanitation and hygiene trainings have improved the sanitation and hygiene practices of the Atopi community. The community is now investing in the repair of latrines and families have started constructing hand- washing facilities outside of their homes.
In addition, with the easy access to clean water, community members are able to bathe and wash their clothes more regularly. Furthermore, water collection vessels and cooking utensils are thoroughly cleaned and now stored on raised drying racks.
“We have suffered a lot due to water shortages in this village. This water source is our heart; we shall do everything to see that the well is functional always. Thank you.” Sophia, Atopi Leader

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