Co-Founder and CEO of Philip Wagner

In 2007 the UN stated that 1.1 billion people did not have access
to clean water, Philip Wagner decided to take action, believing we
could make a difference by providing clean water for drinking and
sanitation needs, one community at a time. These efforts led to the
founding of the nonprofit organization 

In 2008 Philip’s son, Jordan Wagner became the co-founder of and now, twelve years later, with the partnership of his longtime friend, Justin Beckett, the incredible supporters, and
implementing partners, has funded 820+ water projects, serving approximately than 500,000 people in 20 different countries.

This has been the mission for over a decade. This is an inspiring
impact! But a great need still exists for millions of people who live
without clean water.  The UN’s estimate in 2017 is that 785 million
remain without having basic drinking water services.

We are committed to see this crisis end, one community at a time by working with a broader community development strategy. With a
focus on this more comprehensive approach to the community, clean water will have a greater and more sustainable impact.

Philip Wagner


The future of is so much more than just ending the clean water crisis. As we expand into other areas of focus including Education, Medical Aid, Mentorship, Family Support, Economic Development, Legal Assistance, and Disaster Relief, your ongoing support is vital to the future success of the communities is impacting.

WATER & SANITATION will continue providing sustainable clean water solutions, as well as community training on healthy sanitation and hygiene practices, in the communities where we work.


By providing medical supplies and taking medical teams to communities without access to medical care, will support the health and wellbeing of individuals and families.


As part of our mission, will support individuals and communities to improve education, as well as provide support for long-term schooling and training.


In addition to supporting the development of and training for healthy family relationships, will care specifically for widows and orphans, as well as provide aid and support for refugees and their families

Haiti Baseball


The Field of Dreams – Haiti, is an initiative where young men can receive mentorship through the game of baseball. This is a relational ministry that will not only help participants develop their goals and dreams, but also prepare them with the steps to pursue them. As a result, these young men will be equipped to further contribute to their team, families, and communities.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT will support local economic development by encouraging businesses and entrepreneurship and teaching both financial and business skills to community members.


Thousands of innocent people are trafficked, enslaved, and imprisoned worldwide. is dedicated to removing the bondage of illegal injustices and human exploitation. We will provide aid concerning legal barriers to individual advancement.

DISASTER RELIEF supports first responders to provide medical care, food, and clean water in emergency situations internationally. We will develop teams to go to countries to assist in disasters. In addition to providing relief, we support programs that will rebuild communities for a strong future.