Due to the CARES Act, Corporations can now deduct charitable donations up to 25% of their corporate taxable income!

The team at Generosity.org is inspired daily by corporations – big and small – who decide to integrate social good into their daily operations. With current partners such as Gululu, Corkcicle, Drink More Good, Ollie & Otto, Neon Own, and more – we have seen businesses adopt the clean water crisis as part of their mission. From sponsoring events like #GivingTuesday with matching gifts to donating a percentage of sales from a Generosity.org specific coffee – our corporate partners develop unique and creative ways to give back that make sense for their personal business models and the culture of their companies.

Current Partnerships

Cloud Rider Networks

CloudRider Networks, Inc. is a premier IT planning partner that helps organizations reduce IT costs and spark IT innovation. CloudRider Networks will work on your behalf at no extra cost by negotiating directly with the various network carriers. CloudRider Networks is committed to finding IT solutions that sync well with your budget and organization. By partnering with CloudRider Networks, we can help save you time, energy and effort by finding IT solutions that align with your budget and business objectives.

Merge Coffee Company

We named our specialty coffee company “Merge” because we are two families from different cultures and backgrounds that have combined our talents and gifts to build something bigger than ourselves. What started as friends having fun has blossomed into a passion for sourcing coffees from around the world and expertly roasting them in right here in Harrisonburg, VA.


Don Julio González revolutionized the world of tequila by choosing quality over quantity, painstakingly planting each agave further apart to allow proper room to grow and fully mature before harvesting. He would then select only the most succulent portions of the piña, before steaming them for 72-hour cycles. When it came time to bottle his creation, he broke with generations of traditionally tall Tequila bottles typically hidden under tables. He knew his new spirit had no business hiding on the floor, so he designed a shorter tequila bottle for his guests to pass around the table while still being able to see each other.

Neon Owl

Neon Owl is a community that connects people through music, passion, and giving back. We believe in living everyday with compassion and boldness, while creating the life of your dreams. Music is the one universal language that connects us all, and has the power to unite people across the world no matter our background. We use the power of music to spread good vibes, encourage acts of kindness, and inspire others to always be the best version of themselves beyond the festival scene.

Cloth & Karma

Cloth + Karma is for the modern woman who wants to make a difference! She is a supportive friend, an empowering role model, and an absolute girl boss in her own right. She has a humongous heart and is a free spirit. She is a lover, not a fighter. She is optimistic while knowing that nothing changes if nothing changes. She might love yoga and definitely loves being generally mindful in all aspects of her life.

Copper Smith

We manufacture and source our in-house CopperSmith® brand from all over the world, selling directly to homeowners, interior designers, and contractors. We also retail complementary products from other reputable brands.


KindKinis, short for Kind Bikinis is a swimwear brand, founded by Los Angeles native, Merilyn Lopez, our bikinis are designed to fit every woman regardless of her size. We carefully create each swimsuit to accentuate every curve without jeopardizing comfort. We look to the latest styles and work them into our collection, which is why our suits are perfect both on the beach and as crop tops that pair well with your favorite pair shorts, skirt and jeans.At KindKinis we want to bridge the gap between swimwear, charity, and education. We hope that you will see us as an alternative to the commercial competition and see that at KindKinis we really care and that we want to elevate our women while creating better solutions to the clean water crisis.


Gululu was built on hope that future generations will inherit a healthier way of living. Inspired by our founder, Alvin Chiang, who had his own personal struggle with diabetes, decided to dedicate his time to solving health issues beginning with children’s hydration. Chiang made a journey to Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall carrying a wish that transpired in the form of a startup. In 2014, a venture transpired, and the Gululu Water bottle was created.

Ollie & Otto

Founded on the principle of leaving this world better than we found it, we are dedicated to bringing our customers products made with organic, sustainably sourced ingredients. When we set out to create our products, we thoughtfully considered the social and environmental impact from sourcing, packaging, on through to manufacturing. We partner with like-minded companies, local farms, and fair trade women's cooperatives that assist us in fulfilling our mission. We strive to reduce our use of plastic whenever possible as a key part of our values.

H2 Life

H2 Life brings more than simple gifts. We bring the passion and drive to uplift and inspire with simplicity and joy. At H2 Life, we believe that every positive thought, action or stroke of kindness counts, and has the power to create a ripple affect of 'goodness' in times of change. In this evolving and unpredictable world, hope is what matters, hope is what inspires and hope is what brings light that leads to more light. Our mission is to bring hope via the small things, the small things that really aren't that small after all.


AYUR translates to "life", and we want to share how others can live better through consumption of water in our copper bottles. Established in 2017, our products are created to aid in your path to a healthier lifestyle. Our patent pending bottles feature a sleek body with an easy carry handle. Each copper bottle is designed out of Ventura, California and then handcrafted by our small team of skilled artisans in India and Mexico. Through functional design and exceptional craftsmanship, AYUR bottle is made for drinking your way to a balanced body while reducing the negative impact of disposable plastic bottles on our planet.

Awake The Soul

Awake the Soul was created to help bring awareness to the clean water crisis in developing countries. According to the UN, currently 663 million people around the world don’t have access to clean and safe drinking water. With your help we can break the cycle of poverty and help save the lives of thousands. Every human being deserves to define their own future, and water makes that possible. Awake the Soul commits to donate 10% of all sales! Together we can make this world a better place.

Drink More Good

Our handcrafted syrups are made with real, organic ingredients. Add it to seltzer and make custom sodas at home or use it to craft the perfect cocktail. Feel more good about what you're serving up, especially when you control the sweetness!


When wearing Venicci you are representing a community of individuals who dare to dream and challenge the status quo. Individually creating small ripples, that together creates massive change.

It Is Well LA

A small company offering simple, timeless pieces you can enjoy every day of the year. Our collection is conceptualized, designed and ethically made in Los Angeles. Our hearts go out to 663 million people living without access to clean drinking water. Families are burdened with the task of fetching inadequate water, giving children limited opportunity to receive the education or care that they deserve. We give 10% of proceed to our charitable partner, Generosity, to build clean water wells in communities in need. Each well we build together can help up to 500 people at a time - improving conditions for better health and providing greater opportunities for educational and economic growth. Each purchase helps create brighter futures for communities in need, one well at a time.


We love beer festivals, but they can be overwhelming for the casual drinker and don’t always offer practical or local options for couples to incorporate into their wedding. Then there are the wedding expos that tend to be very “frilly” and don’t appeal to most couples. Wedtoberfest is a great way to have your cake, beer, and planning too!

Corporate Opportunities

As a team, we are committed to ensuring that each corporate partnership receives the necessary support required to increase the progress being made for the clean water crisis around the world and the additional areas of focus. From supplying media to offering insight on fundraising tactics to supporting corporations on social platforms, we believe that together, we can end the clean water crisis and so much more. Below are the corporate sponsorship levels (based on a 3 month period).


$1k - $7k