How We Work

Our approach on each water project
Funding project costs
Give Generously

The final cost of a water project is different in each community - but the first step is always the same - raising the money to make it happen. Once a project is fully funded, we send the money to our implementing partners who have committed to using 100% of it to directly fund project costs.

Targeting the best locations for each water project
Target a Region

By targeting specific regions in each country, our local partners are empowered to build trusting relationships with every community. They have the local knowledge and professional expertise to select the best locations for each water project.

Collaborate and connect with local government
Collaborate with local partners and officials

We collaborate with local partners in the field to identify locations, collect data, and when possible, connect with officials to carry out the planning stages of each and every water project.

Meet our partners
Oversee the water project
Form a water committee

A water committee is a group of men and women who oversee the water project during and after construction. Each member is trained in maintenance and basic hygiene, and together the committee is responsible for keeping the water project up and running.

Construction of wells
Start construction

Our implementing partners are experts in choosing the best water solution for each commuity - these most often include:

Drilled Bore-Hole Wells
Hand Dug Wells
Rehabilitated Wells
Rain-Water Harvesting Systems
Spring Protection Systems

Hygiene and sanitation education
Hygiene and sanitation training

Clean water solutions have a greater impact when they include comprehensive sanitation and hygiene training. Our implementing partners are responsible for educating community members and appointing local health leaders.

Completed reports
Report back

In 9 to 12 months, once a project is complete, we provide a full report including the project's GPS coordinates, community information, and photos of the water project and community served - all connecting you directly to the people you've helped.

Want to see our completed reports?
We have every single one available in our archives

View water project reports is passionate about helping solve the clean water and sanitation crisis that is a desperate situation for millions of people in our world today. We are committed to demonstrating the generous and unconditional love of God by caring for the impoverished, with the same generosity taught by Jesus, regardless of someone's faith.