Today, in order for families to get by, they have to make a very difficult decision. Either send their kids to school to get an education, or send them to the nearest water supply so they can drink clean water.

Clean water or school?

In the vast majority of third world countries, their options are very limited. Do they walk and get clean water to drink and bathe with? Or do they go without in order to go to school and better their lives, families, and other communities? That is a choice that never needs to be made and we intend for people all over the world to not have to make that choice ever again. 

We believe in the power of education, but our belief goes further than that. We believe a young woman in rural Uganda will discover the cure for cancer if only she is given the opportunity to get a quality education.

We believe a young boy in Haiti can rise up beyond poverty and inspire millions of people with his story if only there is a library available so he can learn to read. 

Education brings creativity. Creativity inspires dreams. Dreams change the world.

Depending on where you grew up or what your parent’s taught you as a child, many of us may take going to school for granted. It’s just something that we do. Going to school seems to be more of a burden and obligation than a gift and an opportunity. understands that proper schooling may be the only opportunity these children ever get in their lifetime which allows them to break their own cycle of poverty and inspire them to dream. But in these developing countries, education is often times just a dream that can only come true with your help.  

When you give to education, this is what your money goes to:

Give to the young woman that has the cure for cancer.
Give to the young man that overcame a lifetime of adversity to inspire millions.
Give to every child that dreams of a better life.