Disaster Relief

Generosity.org supports first responders to provide medical care, food, and clean water in emergency situations internationally. We fund vetted teams going to countries to assist in disasters. In addition to providing relief, we support programs that will rebuild communities for a strong future.

Rebuilding communities for a strong future.

Natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, fires, hurricanes), health epedemics (disease, virus, hazardous chemical) and man made disasters (war, strife, terrorism) can occur at any time. In the US alone, the Red Cross reports responding to over 70,000 disasters a year. 

In an effort to support communities affected during times of these major emergencies, we will help fill the needs of these communities by dealing with all aspects of emergencies in the best way we can. Most often, the best way to support these communities is by providing the financial support directly to trusted local providers. 

Through our network of local partners with whom we have built this trust for over a decade, we have confidence and proof that our aid is reaching those in need. Because disasters can leave children feeling frightened, confused, and insecure, whether they have experienced the event first hand or through friends or family, we pay particular attention to children during these emergencies.  

FEMA has similar advice, noting that “Disasters can leave children feeling frightened, confused, and insecure” whether a child has experienced it first hand, had it happen to a friend or simply saw it on television.