Saving Haiti One Drop At A Time

Haiti is a country located in the Caribbean Sea having a population of around 11.4 million. Haiti freed itself from the colonial rule of France in 1804. However, the economic, political, social difficulties, & several natural disasters, have plagued Haiti with serious…

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What’s My Purpose?

This has become a common question people are asking themselves in light of the pandemic, social injustice, economic uncertainty, political division, and so many other topics challenging our world today. It’s…

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Generous Generation

Generosity is over a decade strong- our collaborative efforts have brought the hope of clean water to over half a million people and 20 nations. So how did it all start? Today, we chat with Philip Wagner co-founder of Generosity to learn how it all began.

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A Dream Come True

I was at Oasis Church in Los Angeles in 2008 when Pastor Philip Wagner first brought the global clean water crisis to the congregation’s attention. It was a heartbreaking reality that I hoped I could help remedy. I listened intently and told myself I would make a difference somehow. That day God planted a seed in my heart.

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