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Philip Wagner

Founding Generosity

In 2007 the UN stated that 1.1 billion people did not have access to clean water, Philip Wagner decided to take action, believing we could make a difference by providing clean water for drinking and sanitation needs, one community at a time. These efforts led to the founding of the nonprofit organization 

In 2008 Philip’s son, Jordan Wagner became the co-founder of and now, twelve years later, with the partnership of his longtime friend, Justin Beckett, the incredible supporters, and implementing partners, has funded 820+ water projects, serving approximately than 500,000 people in 20 different countries.

This has been the mission for over a decade. This is an inspiring impact! But a great need still exists for millions of people who live without clean water. The UN’s current estimate as of 2020 is that 841 million people remain without having basic drinking water services.

We are committed to see this crisis end, one community at a time by working with a broader community development strategy. With a focus on this more comprehensive approach to the community, clean water will have a greater and more sustainable impact.

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The clean water crisis is 100% solveable...
let's solve it together.

Executive Director - Victor Hailey

This has become a common question people are asking themselves in light of the pandemic, social injustice, economic uncertainty, political division, and so many other topics challenging our world today. It’s also opened the door for so many great conversations and inquiries as past colleagues and acquaintances have asked me how I’ve become so fulfilled after hanging up my business suit for a backpack.

How do I know? I took the leap of faith! Yes, I went from a high-salary corporate job to leading a nonprofit humanitarian organization. I haven’t told many this story. “Why?” On the surface, many saw me as a poster for “success”. Truth be told, I was empty. It wasn’t until I discovered the single most motivating secret for success that my life became fulfilled. Here’s a glimpse into my discovery.